Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Engage-iversary!

Monday was my and FI's one year "engage-iversary." Yep, that's right -- we've already been engaged one year! I have to say, though, that this is one time in life when it actually has FELT like a year... or more. I can totally understand now why most brides get married within one year of getting engaged. For example, here's a rough timeline of emotions over the past year:

From "Yes" - 4 months: Ecstatic, excited to jump right in and begin planning everything, go wedding dress shopping, book a venue and maybe a vendor or two, pick a color scheme.

4 months - 8 months: Still very into planning, reading every wedding magazine and blog out there, buy a wedding dress, reach the "one year until the wedding" date, finish booking most of the vendors, pick out bridesmaids dresses (but don't purchase).

8 months - 10 months: Dead zone. Nothing to do since we've already booked everything that most brides do during this time, become a little bored with the situation. Start to second guess everything we previously decided.

10 months - 12 months: Send out the STDs! Then, completely redo the color scheme, meet with the florist to inform her of this, and pick new bridesmaids dresses to go with the new scheme.

You see, the problem with giving a bride such as me too much time to plan is that I'm always looking for "new" and "creative" elements to add to my wedding, which basically means that I change my mind a lot. While I'm happy that we were able to basically have our pick of vendors since we booked so far in advance, that really has been the only positive to having a long engagement. If I had it to do all over again, and law school wasn't a factor, I would definitely not wait a year and a half to get married.

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