Thursday, November 6, 2008

DC Bridal Bash

A few weeks ago, my wonderful MOH and bridesmaids threw me my very first bridal shower! As I used to live in DC, and many of my friends (and bridesmaids) still live there, they had the shower there. My MOH's mother lives in DC and was gracious enough to allow us to hold the shower there. Instead of a typical shower, this was a "recipe" shower, where all the girls baked something, then decorated a recipe page for a book that I was given. It was very yummy, and such a cute idea! I now have a book full of recipes, and many of the baking utensils and accessories off my registry.

We also played the toilet paper wedding dress game, but, in true DC fashion, we decorated cardboard cut-outs of the presidential candidates (and Bush) instead of each other! Everyone divided into teams, chose a candidate and had 5 minutes to create a wedding dress out of toilet paper. As the bride, I was the judge (although apparently there were claims of impartiality given my choice of Hillary).

The rest of the weekend consistent of eating at La Mad (my FAVORITE place!) and going out at night. Saturday night was so much fun, as we headed to the "old hangout" of Front Page. Oh, the memories! :)

Thanks, ladies! It was so much fun, and I love ya'll!

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Paula said...

the best weekend!!! xo