Thursday, October 2, 2008

Post Picture Here

I know everyone's waiting with baited breath to see the STDs, but unfortunately our camera is broken! FI and I both have cameras and both are not in working order. :( To those of you who haven't received one, I decided to go with the postcard idea using Vista Print. I was particularly happy to use the heart in the sand picture with our initials (the one to the right of the posts). On the front glossy side was the picture and "Save the Date" at the top with the numerical date on the bottom. On the reverse side was " the Ocean State!" (yes, I'm a rhyming fiend!) and the details (names, dates, venue and our website). Overall, I was very happy with how they came out, and even more happy with the price. We mailed out about 200 of these babies and total cost for 250 STDs and postage was a little under $100. Not too bad considering the other much costlier ideas!

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